Tree Update 1

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So I havent been working as quickly as I would have liked to on this because of my internship work. I have started Zbrushing objects and all I have left to do is the tree then texture painting. Below is a screen with no normal maps just the basic geometry.


And so I’m back, from outer space

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So I’m starting this blog up again. Ill be posting my progress with my new project. I’ve been working with Adam Grabowski on developing some concept art for some small environment scenes to be done in Maya. Below is the first scene to be done. Its relatively simple but I’m looking to do it in the borderlands art style, a painterly style with normal and spec maps.

Well this is it

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Well I gave my presentation last class and I feel it went pretty well. Over all I am pleased with how this project turned out and I learned a lot about the Unreal Editor and I cant wait to get my hands on the UDK and try out their new lighting scenarios. I’m in the process of burning my DVD for class and I just finished the poster/advertisement that Cookson wanted so I’ll post it here so you can all take a look at it. Its been fun.GatesOfHellPoster

The final

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Well its about that time and Monty is packed with frantic people so here are a few of the stills I took for the powerpoint presentation.

It’s the final countdown

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And so the mad dash to the finish begins. My game plan is to make some decals, tweak materials, and lighting. Make some rocks that can be scattered on the terrain and some bricks for little rubble piles to ad a little pizazz. So good luck to all of you and here’s a little bonus.

Testing 1, 2, 3

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So I’m in the process of finalizing the level, and as I was doing this I decided to layout some cameras to get an idea of how I could cut a video to show the environment along with some gameplay footage, so I spent a little bit of time and came up with a video, I don’t pay for my wordpress blog so I have to host the video on my website so the link to that page is


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So I find myself at this point were I “think” there aren’t anymore major rough patches in the level (besides respawning enemies when returning to a checkpoint), emphasis on think . So I need your help, if you are interested I need people to play through this and help me find problem areas. To entice you here are some images of from the Beta V1.0 build. See you in Class.Beta1