Tree Update 1

So I havent been working as quickly as I would have liked to on this because of my internship work. I have started Zbrushing objects and all I have left to do is the tree then texture painting. Below is a screen with no normal maps just the basic geometry.


2 Responses to “Tree Update 1”

  1. lenlor20 Says:

    Need moar webs!!!!

    …and the half buried skeleton of a cow/wilderbeast!!!

  2. lenlor20 Says:

    And about all those little rocks strewn about. I think you can probably get farther with larger rocks that can easily be read and can add to the silhouette. At the moment, they’re not doing too much and it seems like they may get lost when you texture the base.

    I think the roots needs to dig into the ground a little more too.

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