Playin’ with Shaders

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So I’ve been playing with some shaders in UnrealĀ  and have gotten some pretty nice results. Starting with the flame material I layered two bar-code looking textures I made and gave them different speeds and enhanced their intensity to get a more random look so this material is applied to the 3 poly flame that goes on all candles, also the emissive is high enough that when your far way there is a nice glow ring. I then made a normal of the bar-code thing and panned that which distorts the light that passes through the material. The distortion channel works best with normal maps is what I have read on UDN and in the Mastering Unreal Vol 2.

In the second Material I’m playing with getting the effect of subsurface scattering at that involves plugging things into the TransmissionMask and TransmissionColor channels. The mask effects how the light passes through the material and scatters if its solid black it wont travel far, and at pure white it will travel and scatter very far. The color channel is the color of the light after its passed through the material and from the screenshot of the material editor the light is in the middle of the box and you can see that as the light moves through the candle it turns an orangish color and the flag/drapery it also gets a orangish color which will look good when the flag is lit from behind.shaders1


More work?!

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So I’m in the process of tweaking my events adding more ambient events and more and more set dressing, I got foliage to work on the terrain with a sway so its starting to look better, but I just need to add in some cover to create the path nodes so the AI isn’t stuck in one spot all the time.wip2

Name Change

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After having Prof Cookson play through my blocked out level I can now start going back in and adding ambiance and set dressing each scene to complete a creepy feel. After this I will be able to then do lighting and post processing, and time allowing redo some assets that may not be up to par. Let me know if you want to see/ play through my level at any time it would be great to get more feedback.

Work in Progress

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So I’ve managed to rough out all the scenes and events over the weekend. They are still pretty rough and there is no cover in the environment but you can navigate the space from start to end. After Thursdays class I managed to get terrain to work slightly, I’m still not able to paint secondary materials onto it, but I figure I can just make some Decals to project onto it that should help to break up the tiling and solid green. Also there are no more BSP levels and it no longer looks like a floating world. Ive made the church wider and a little taller to allow for the Berserker to move through. The issue that is sticking out to me ais getting breakable actors to work. But here is a shot of what the level Mark 2 looks like.inprog1

Prototype blockout and development

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I just finished blocking out scene 1, E-holes are fairly easy to set up, and once i stumbled upon the door trigger its relatively easy to set up a door kick, just make animate the door opening in matinee and in kismet set create a new event with door trigger, and on kicked play matinee the camera animation is already there. Also the Camera shake attribute has a function to enable vibration on a Xbox 360 controller, that should be fun to mess around with.

There is a package for you

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I was up through the night importing assets and textures and setting up materials and applying them to the meshes. Also set up my upks.


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Here are some Zbrush renders of the Gargoyle for the Cathedral. Render1Render2Render3Render4Render5